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The Manoir des Rêves Sauvages is a place where the authenticity of a 19th-century mansion, the modernity of elegantly refurbished rooms, and the wild world harmoniously blend together.
At the intersection of hospitality, events, and game hotels, our establishment is committed to biodiversity preservation.
Your stay with us will be exceptional. Our eleven rooms, inspired by the wild wonders of nature, will transport you to the four corners of the world in luxurious comfort.
The Manoir des Rêves Sauvages perfectly embodies the concept of a boutique hotel, with its distinctive style and ambiance.

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Our commitments

Blending heritage and biodiversity, the Manoir des Rêves Sauvages, like its parent company, the Parc Animal d'Auvergne, is committed to protecting rare and endangered species. Through "Play for Nature" endowment fund, the manor will donate 5% of its revenue to support around twenty associations (such as ABConservation, Big Life Foundation, ICAS...) and protect the most vulnerable species.
By staying at the Manor, you actively contribute to the protection and preservation of biodiversity

Night Games

Activity to discover with family, friends, or colleagues.
Immerse yourself in a turnkey experience with our innovative concept: The Night Games.
From the moment you arrive at the Manir des Rêves Sauvages, you will be immediately immersed in an exciting escape game, a collaborative game between teammates that will last until late into the night! The next day, debrief over breakfast while savoring local and seasonal products. Leave with unforgettable memories and memorable moments of sharing!