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Rêve de Girafe

Rêve de Girafe

Pool View

Sleeps 4 people

39 m2

1 x Double Bed | 1 x Sofa Bed

Live a total immersion in the savannah as you step into this spacious and refined 38 m2 room. Inspired by the majestic giraffe, this elegant room exhales an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. With its soft and light colors, "Reve de Girafe" will transport you to the heart of the steppe, to the distant territories of this beautiful...

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Room Amenities



Wheelchair accessible

Clothes rack

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Biodiversity at heart

The giraffe has a blue tongue. This color is due to a dark pigment called "melanin". Thanks to this, giraffes' tongues are protected from the thorns of the Acacia tree, which they eat the leaves from.
According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), giraffes have experienced a decline in population of about 40% over the past 30 years.